About Us

Technology Solutions & Consulting (TSC) is an Information Technology firm based in Scott, LA. TSC exists to serve the needs of clients by providing innovative solutions that drive productivity and success. I provide technology solutions to small and medium sized businesses as well as residential customers. With TSC:

  • Reduce your IT support costs, repair bills and hardware costs by 14% to 57% without sacrificing speed, performance or the way you use your PCs now. In fact, our AVERAGE client reduces their IT spending by 23%.

  • Eliminate costly downtime, chronic problems, slowness and other computer headaches with our Hassle Free IT service. How do we do this? By proactively maintaining the health and security of your network with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. In fact, we guarantee that you will have less than one hour of downtime across the entire YEAR due to a problem we should have caught under our watch – just try to get your average ‘computer guru’ to make that kind of promise!

  • Gain complete peace of mind that your network is 100% secured and backed up properly so IF you were to experience a major disaster of some kind, we could have you back up and running again within 24 hours or less. We don’t just say that, we guarantee it.

Ultimately, this means you and your staff will no longer have to waste time or money on aggravating computer problems. Most important of all, you literally have nothing to lose. Our money back guarantee means we’ll refund your money if you’re not completely satisfied with our service.

We are offering a FREE onsite support visit to diagnose your computer problems and prove we can do a better job than your past or current solution. Contact Technology Solutions & Consulting now for more information.

Our Services

Technology Solutions & Consulting offers a wide range of services including the following:

  • Managed Services

  • Backup Solutions

  • Business Continuity Solutions

  • Consulting Services

  • Hardware / Software Sales

  • Infrastructure services

  • Remote Access Services

  • Security Services

  • Storage Solutions

  • Technical Support Services

  • Wireless Solutions

Who I Am

Currently, Technology Solutions & Consulting is a one person small business that provides information technology solutions to other small businesses. I have been an innovator for as long as I can remember. My technical aptitude began i nHigh School while in Computer Science class. This led me to begin my College career in Computer Science. While beginning my college career I also began my Information Technology career at an internationally know and respected company in Lafayette, LA. It was there tha I learned the many aspects of Information Technology and began to envision Technology Solutions & Consulting. In my vision I held the belief hat education, communication, and reliability can work hand in hand to provide Information Services that "Keel I.T. moving".