Why is Technology Solutions & Consulting Better

Technology Solutions & Consulting is an innovative IT firm for small businesses and residential customers. Here are the things TSC does better.

  • We guarantee your call will be answered in 60 minutes or less - Your call will be answered in less than 60 minutes - guaranteed. The work is free if we don't get back to in that one-hour time frame.

  • Repairs are quickly completed - You don't want to sit around waiting for your computer to be repaired. Our remote IT support service is the answer to this. You can access your computer network remotely through our network support services. If this isn't possible a technician will be dispatched.

  • We speak the same language - Your support and maintenance questions will be explained clearly and completely.

  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed - TSC guarantees 100% satisfaction with our services. Nothing will get in our way of making sure you are a happy customer.

  • You won't be surprised with bad news - TSC will explain any possible problem before repairing, and get your approval, before any work begins. The alternative is to have your data synchronized and backed up before continuing work on your device(s).

  • All projects are completed according to schedule and budget - Simply put, TSC guarantees all work will be completed ON BUDGET and ON TIME.

  • Your bill will be accurate and complete - Your invoice will be accurate and complete. Since you approve all charges, your bill will not have "mystery" charges on it.